You feel called to serve others with creativity -- while cultivating a life-giving way to support your family financially. 

But now that things are movin’ and shakin’, you could REALLY use a clear, customized plan of action. I mean, you’ve got a pricing plan (well, sorta), but need an extra set of eyes & roadmap to make sure this whole shindig is actually fruitful. 

Because some days? It just feels like you’re doing ALL you can do … and STILL aren’t making ends meet. You gotta match that old salary -- or else.

But if you listen to one more podcast or read one more blog about creative business and marketing and monetizing your skills …UGH! You’ll stab that pretty gold pen right through the curated mood board over your desk.

So you’re spinnin’ your wheels late into the night realizing that weekly flower budget …. well, it isn’t the only thing on the chopping block if this creative endeavor doesn’t find some true growth & success. Eeek!

What if it were possible to get a customized game plan for how to make this creative biz idea fly with one-on-one coaching to fine-tune your brand & put you on the right path in just 30 days?

Leads (not just likes!) would start to pour in from your Instagram account in just one month, you’d FINALLY start off your days with a coffee cup in hand and clipboard of the day’s tasks … you know, so you can actually start pulling in an income and move this beyond “expensive hobby” semblance.

Imagine no more scratching your head about how to submit a feature or get some national attention on your brand … 

no more feeling like everytime you post something more “selling” focused, your sweet follower tribe is gonna run for the (peony full) hills … 

but having someone to see new streams of revenue that you haven’t thought of yet as a possibility … 

someone to ask the tough questions (with love!) and coach you through the exact, step-by-step process for growing an intentional creative business that serves others well -- including your little family.

I’m Kaitlin Holland, and a mere 4 years ago, The School of Styling was just a twinkle in my eye.

Fast forward to now, and I’ve held more than 7 workshops around the country, grown an intentional following of more than 80K, hosted multiple online workshops … and mentored dozens of small business owners like you.

Kaitlin Holland Coaching Sessions were created to take you through the entire game plan I used to grow my own business, so I can hold your hand as we shape your own in a mastermind community.

KHC Sessions are 4-week coaching programs designed to get your business on the right path, and give you a tiny, mastermind community of 4 hand-selected women to grow alongside in our 30 day incubator.

During our month together, I’ll hold your hand and show you exactly how to identify the clients who will PAY you (not just like your posts!), structure a pricing plan that works, land national media attention, and grow an intentional social media following -- all in a custom gameplan, so you never feel like you’re wading into uncharted waters (‘cause you’re NOT alone!). And it’s not just about numbers ROI … expect a heart-level return on the precious investment of your strengths and gifting, too, as we deep-dive into your strengths and gifting.

Are you ready to apply for a mentorship spot & build a business out of your creative dreams?

Hang up the twinkle lights and pour a mimosa -- we’re going to equip you to GROW!

Here's what you get inside of Kaitlin Holland Coaching:

Week 1: Visioncasting

So, what does this mean for you?

+ How to define success on your own terms, so you can drown out the scroll and start doubling-down on how to live a life by your OWN design.

+ An identifying fears exercise, so you know how to call out the parts of running your creative business -- and get practical advice on how other business owners face them.

+ My Envisioning Exercise, my step-by-step way to discover what your ideal day, month, year, and life would actually look like.

+ “What do I need to believe,” a way to give you confidence to move forward with a roadmap for building a creative small business

+ The StrengthsFinder test, an assessment for identifying your unique giftings and talents, so we can review them together and see how they’ll play into your business.

Week 2: Analysis

So, what does this mean for you?

+ How to write your Mission Statement training, so you can put pen to paper and set a guiding statement in place to govern and direct your dreams.

+ Step-by-step Story Brainstorming, giving you fresh-eyes on all of the ideas you could be sharing in social media, in your content, and even in your services and products.

+ My framework for finding your Ideal Client, so you can start luring in exactly the type of audience who wants to listen to what you have to say

+ What you need to consider about your WHAT and your WHY, so you can start turning your deeper goals into tangible action items for your business.

Week 3: Marketing

So, what does this mean for you? 

+ Knowing Your Metrics, and the step-by-step checklist so you don’t make the mistakes that most people make starting their list that cause unsubscribes

+ How to Move Forward in Your Strategy, giving you an outline for the best possible email list and outcome

+ Communicating your message, giving you an outline for the best possible ways to market your business and share your story.

+ How to reach YOUR people, so you don’t make mistakes that most creatives make -- and waste too much time trying to reach the WRONG people.

+ Consistent branding training, with step-by-step walkthroughs that show you how to unite your message with your visuals for social media, your web presence, and beyond 

+ Specific how-to trainings on:

- Your Website

- Your Social Media Outlets

- Your Email Newsletter

- Your Opt-in

- Collaborations and networking opportunities

Week 4: Finances

So, what does this mean for you?

+ Business profit goal assessment, so you can determine if your pricing and packages will set you up for success.

+ Budget training, to identify what you REALLY need to make each month.

+ Systems tweaks, so you can determine what you need to do -- from upping your prices, booking more clients, or cutting overhead -- to reach your goals.

+ Step-by-step training on streamlining your backend for simplicity -- let’s get you to spend more time doing what you LOVE, whaddya say?

+ Reevaluating your goals and setting up your next action steps, so you can figure out where you go from here!

But wait! You’ll ALSO get access to …

+ Four deluxe mastermind coaching calls, so you can spend one hour each week with Kaitlin and your small group, diving deep into your business and other's.

+ 3 one-on-one calls with Kaitlin, from your 15-minute initial kick-off call, to two half-hour coaching calls to develop your personalized action plan.

+ More than 10 PDFs and downloads, all delivered in your weekly pep-talk email check-in.

+ One accountability partner call each week, so you have someone to check in -- and ask you the hard questions just when you need it!

+ Lifetime access to all call recordings, PDFs and videos.

How do KHC Sessions work?

Complete an application and submit your $300 deposit below by June 7th, and we’ll do our work to put you in a tribe of 3 to start your mastermind in the next six months. Circle the month we hand-pick for you -- you’re going to do this thing!

The first day of YOUR month, it’s go-time. Kaitlin will hold 3 1-on-1 scheduled calls with you AND weekly calls with your mastermind group to walk through the curriculum and build out your gameplan. Our little community of accountability buddies is here for you!

Fast forward 30 days, and you did it! You’ve got a customized roadmap for your business and a built-in on-going support system of 3 other ladies, so you can next-level your biz and secure clients that actually pay you for your creativity. 


"Kaitlin not only gets it, but she offered invaluable advice & resources."

Well, I told my husband the evening after my call with Kaitlin that she's my new favorite person (besides him of course), so I think that about sums it up! Kaitlin had a wonderful balance of encouraging words + very specific action items. I needed both. I'm all about plans and the more specific, the better and that is exactly what Kaitlin provided me with. I just felt such relief after my session with her to know that the vision I have for the future of Sadie Road isn't crazy, and actually very attainable with the right plan.

So, what's the investment?

Well, you could DIY your way to profitability, trying to hack your ideal client and learning #allthethings from a zillion blogs and podcasts -- but how do you ever know what’s right for you … what advice COULD move the needle on your business (and what advice won’t work for your market?)?

Or, you could pull up a chair for 30 days and sit beside me as I pull back the curtain on how I built The School of Styling and show you how to intentionally build your own creative empire.

Your investment for your KHC & mastermind is $2199.


"I wouldn't have been able to get there without Kaitlin's help!"

At the time, I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I truly wanted to offer in my business. Because you laid out the topics in an easy to read format, I was able to go back to it over the following months, and really dig into what I was hoping to create.



(June, July & August)

Doors for the fall/winter semester do not open until September.


"I now have a goal & mission for my business!"

Not only did I narrow down my service offerings, but I also nailed down a comprehensive launch timeline with Kaitlin. Both of those things gave me so much clarity for my business, allowing for everything else to fall into place much more naturally. I now have a goal and mission in mind for my business, which has been incredibly motivating and exciting!

Oh, and if we haven't met yet...

I'm Kaitlin, and most days you’ll find me tucked in my North Carolina home with my husband Clay, baby Lucy, and our German Shepherd Scout -- I’ll be the one constantly decorating my home with a reheated cup of coffee waiting for me in the microwave! I’m crazy about serving Jesus, loving people, and digging into dreams and passions of others, so we can make a nitty gritty game plan to propel them forward. 

I’m handing over my blueprint for growing a creative small business with heart: in 4 years, I went from dream-up mode to more than 74K followers, nationally-recognized workshops, and speaking engagements across the country. Not only does The School of STyling continue to grow, but so does my ability to love and care for my sweet husband and baby girl. 

The best part? 

It wasn’t through speed-demoning my way through … it was through a slow, steady path that gave me margin to cultivate my “why” and my heart. 

I’ve mentored dozens of creatives, but now? I want to pull up a chair in your living room, put you in a tribe with 4-like-minded ladies, and see what kind of magic we can make for you together. 

Enrollment opens for the fall/winter session September 2017.


"Kaitlin has helped me find ways to triple my team and triple my profit margin."

As if that weren't enough, Kaitlin has encouraged me with invaluable insight and practical knowledge as I have stepped into new roles as a business owner and mama. I have experienced firsthand Kaitlin's passion for balancing business and personal life, and her heart for sharing all that she has learned to help other creatives grow not just in success, but also in depth. 

Behind the successful business and Instagram numbers, I have seen Kaitlin struggle with questions like: Am I enough? What am I doing anyways? How am I going to turn my creative talents into food on the table for my family this month? Will anyone like what I have to offer? I'm here to tell you that Kaitlin is REAL. Her struggles are just like mine, and probably yours, too. It's because of her authenticity that I know just how well suited Kaitlin is to walk alongside you now.